Caring team, sustainable market opportunities

Manrique Capriles has serviced the island of Bonaire for over 30 years, starting as a small branch supplying patients with hard needed medicines.

Nowadays we supply 95% of the local market with pharmaceuticals, consumer health products, foods and beverages and count nearly all local retailers, commercial enterprises and hotels as our clients. Our Bonairian team is easygoing, caring and environmentally friendly. It seeks out innovative and sustainable market opportunities while keeping an open mind to change and development.

Strategic importance, promising future

Now that the beautiful ecological island of Bonaire has become a special municipality of the Netherlands and part of the new ‘BES islands group’, our branch has even more strategic importance.

Bonaire’s future looks bright and our direct commercial lines from Bonaire to the Netherlands and our many international lines through Curacao can be used to our advantage


Manrique Capriles Bonaire 
Kaya Noord Nikiboko 48
Tel: +599- 717-4193
Fax: +599- 717-2268

Country Manager:
Licetha Saragoza

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