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Manrique Capriles Sint Maarten

The Manrique Capriles history in Sint Maarten dates back nearly 30 years and our reputation and commercial ties on the island are strong.

Our new and existing product lines are well researched and priced with high quality products. To boost our sales we practice optimal supply chain management and use up tot date branding strategies.

Our Sint Maarten team is dedicated and driven.

It is competent in dealing with the island’ rich cultural diversity, great worker influx from neighboring countries and seeks to expand its activities to the surrounding islands.


Important hub, interesting business opportunities 

Sint Maarten is not only a diverse and colorful island, but also an important hub within the eastern Caribbean region.

It has strong ties within the Dutch Kingdom and great ambitions for the future.

Manrique Capriles long-lasting contacts and strong reputation within the local business community enable its international business partners to

create interesting business opportunities in relatively little time and explore commercial activities within the region.


Manrique Capriles St.Maarten 

W.J.A. Nisbeth Road # 39
St. Maarten 
Tel: +599- 542-4158
Fax: +599- 542-4252


Office Manager: valeska@manriquecapriles.com

Commercial Manager: patricia@manriquecapriles.com 

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